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Stephan Muldrow- Ceilings

Born in New York City to two musician parents who relocated to Los Angeles 7 months after his birth, baby Stephan acclimated quickly to the constant music in his home. Most mornings, the sound of a jazz guitarist keeping his chops together playing rudiments to Coltrane’s Giant Steps or Miles Davis’ Milestones would fill the air. Where Father, Ronald Muldrow, a legendary guitarist and composer in the esteemed Eddie Harris Band, was off to other duties and gigs, his mother would take over on the piano singing nursery rhymes as she would invite both Stephan and baby sister, Georgia Anne, to sing and play along on pots and pans. The accounts of music as a way of life are real in the lives of the Muldrow siblings who have naturally matured into producers.

 Family rhythm bands eventually gave way to a love for video games and sports as Stephan moved through his adolescent years, still surrounded in Jazz music, from his dad, and now, original choral music from his mother. In addition, his taste for Hip-Hop and Soul music increased his musical landscape.

 Stephan began to play the piano at 20 years old and right away, “Stephan’s harmonies reminded me of my own, but different… almost like Burt Bacharach, but different,” shares his mother, Rickie Byars Beckwith, a revered composer, singer and Director of Music and Arts at the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Somewhere between video games, Hip-Hop, Jazz and the sounds of original music in his home, a composer had arisen. That he is a lover at heart is evident in the music of Stephan Muldrow who rests his heart upon a bed of powerful rhythm. This year, he enters the realms of ambient instrumental music with a sound completely and uniquely his own.

Someothaship Connect’s 2011 Compilation leads off with a Stephan Muldrow composition titled, “Ceilings.” “Discovery,” a beautiful melodic gem, is featured on “Let My Soul Surrender,” a dynamic new release from Rickie BB.  The full album is to be released this fall. The album is aptly titled, “The Muldrow.”